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ACT ONE – $90.00

In the Act One class, the student will be introduced to my approach to acting which I fondly call “The Kitchen Sink” method. They will focus on the “six senses” of developing a character: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and spirit. They will endeavor to strengthen their emotional recall through these six senses. They will learn the basics of theatre like blocking and stage terminology, as well as pantomime, voice control and dialect. Students will receive weekly homework assignments, just like a real drama classroom, which must be completed by their next week’s lesson. During the 15 WEEK course of the workshop, they will take 2 observational field trips: one to the Battlefield Mall to study human behavior and one to the Dickerson Park Zoo to study animal behavior. At the close of the semester, the students will be asked to perform individual monologues, of their own choice, during the FREE gala showcase for their family and friends.

Classes are available on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

Each student will be required to purchase the Act One, Everything and the Kitchen Sink book before the first class. Click on the photo below:

Grades 6th – 12th

Dickerson Park Zoo: Price of admission not included in this package.

*discounts are granted to families with more than one child

Classes begin on Tuesday, January 9th and/or Thursday, January 11th


Please fill out a registration form for each student, and complete the payment section below.


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