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Cheryl Weston


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Cheryl Weston has been involved in theatre, either onstage or backstage, since she was eight years old. She majored in Acting, and Speech and Theatre Education at Missouri State University. In addition to her years of involvement at Springfield Little Theatre, she has starred as an extra in numerous feature length films like the Twentieth Century Fox film, Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck. In 2015, she landed the lead role in the MSU film, Greene County. Her most recent appearance was as “Emily’s Mom” in the Evangel University 2017 film, Relativity. She is currently the drama teacher and assistant speech & debate coach at Gloria Deo Academy in Springfield, Missouri.

For the past 21 years, she has been the drama director at Graceway Baptist Church. She has had a chance to direct and coach many people, young and old, over the years. So it was inevitable that she would develop her own acting “technique” or style, which emphasizes observation and recollection of the sensory stimuli that surrounds all human beings. And thus, the Kitchen Sink was born. It’s more than just wearing a costume and producing a cute play. It’s a method. A method of observation and learning more about the world around us, and carrying that world to the stage..

The Kitchen Sink Acting Workshop focuses on the senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and spirit when developing a character. Cheryl endeavors to strengthen her student’s imagination and emotional recall through these six senses. Yes, SIX senses. Students will receive weekly lessons and homework assignments which must be completed by their next class. There are four different classes available for students grades 6th to 12th: Act One, Act Two, Act Three and Act Four – The Final Act.

“Integrity is not only how a person carries themselves on the stage, but in the wings as well.” 

  All classes are held at Graceway Baptist Church. Click here for the address.


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