Chrysler Building

Have you ever set out to accomplish something great only to be discouraged, and never finish it? Or worse, never try. That happened to me today. I set out to accomplish an outstanding feat today – mop my entire kitchen floor. As always, I prepped for the job first. I swept the floor free of the scattered crumbs and shed dog hair. I grabbed my bucket and filled it with hot, soapy water. I fetched the mop from its rightful place by the back door. I plunged the mop head deep beneath the surface of the foamy water. As I squeezed out the excess water from the mop’s sponge, the head promptly broke off from its metal pole. And I found myself standing there – my mop in two pieces.

My initial inclination?

Quit. After all, the floor wasn’t THAT dirty.

But I didn’t. I hunkered down on all fours, my hands and knees, determined to scrub that kitchen floor till it shone like the top of the Chrysler building. And it does. As I sit here typing,  with dishpan hands and sore knees, a sense of accomplishment and pride began to fill my heart. Despite not having the right tools, the determination and stubbornness within me inspired me to continue on. I had seen my mother scrub her kitchen floor sans mop many times. So I knew I could prevail as well.

Where is the application within this serendipitous anecdote?

Never give up. If you have a dream that’s worth chasing, then chase on, my friend. And if you feel you don’t have the right tools, don’t lose heart. God will provide. He will equip you with everything that you’ll need to succeed in this life. Remember…

Where your talents and your passions meet, that’s where your true calling lies.


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